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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2010 7:00am-7:30am PST

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as it was mentioned, as the eoc continues to have to be staffed, we are offering our services to our partner to make sure that that liaison position between the faith does based organization and nonprofits are staff. mayor newsom: did you want add anything with red cross? >> thank you. san bruno is part of the bay area red cross, and, of course, the bay area red cross is housed here in san francisco. we had a pretty significant mutual aid response to our neighboring county. we had, specifically from san francisco, over 15 volunteers respond last night. we had over 125 volunteers either on site or in rows -- en route. we are staffing personnel at the various eoc's.
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we have said seven or eight of our emergency response vehicles to the area, and will begin damage assessment of each individual home to assess the needs of the victims of the fire. we have caseworkers who will start those interviews beginning today, and we are also sending from the six counties our disaster mental health service specialist to help out in that area. it people are concerned about the well-being of their family or friends, they can register themselves at our safe and well website, or they can call 1-800- red-cross and file their information about their concerned parties there. mayor newsom: appreciate that. you have another site that was set up for city employees. >> yes, so for san francisco
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employees as well as residents, it is called sf gives back, and that can be found at our city's official website. recovery is the long, hard road. people have lost their homes and probably all their possessions, so this is a long-term effort, never short term. that is why we set up with the mayor's encouragement something that will be ongoing, that can deal with disasters like this, so we encourage people to use that. clearly, that is an option along with the red cross and the other very well known traditional avenues. sf gives back is set up on our city's official website. mayor newsom: there are a number of calls -- puc has received some calls. david has received a number of calls. anything you want to add?
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you have a couple of centers that were access for emergency response. i know there have been some environmental questions. >> we have a really great public utilities commission. in addition to the san francisco jail and airport, we have hundreds of employees in the immediate vicinity because we operate the regional water system, so in that capacity, they were able to immediately respond. in the first hours, that was all in mutual aid since for fire support. our first concern was making sure san bruno have water. they are our wholesale water customer, and there were some problems because one of the water mains was damaged. second, we did bring water trucks into the area to thecal fire. third, all those helicopters making those drops were pouring the water out of san andreas reservoir. that was happening most of the evening and into the wee hours of the warning. today, our efforts are focused
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on repair and recovery, and we are waiting for more call for that aid from san bruno, but we are an excellent resource for pipeline repair, and we expect to help them out significantly. when they do it to the face of actually starting to repair their infrastructure. thank you. >> it was noted there were no issues down at the jail. employees down there -- how is everyone doing? >> we had a couple of concerns. we were concerned about possible smoke coming to the intake system, and we got an engineer out there to first of all monitor it and to ensure that we could shut off if necessary. it was not necessary. i do have 45 employees who live in the area of december know, and we personally check on each of them, one from's house was directly across from an area that burned. his house did not burn. we also provide a squad of officers to assist san bruno police last
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control and at their doc, but fortunately, there jail was almost a mile north of the incident, and the wind was blowing in our direction, so we avoided most everything like that. gavin newsom that is good, and i know all our departments are going through their personnel file. john, you mentioned you had a number of employees. anything you want to add? >> we did not check with all departments, but we are also having the department of human resources run a list of the addresses. so far, we have a list of about 24 addresses that may or may not be, so we will be reaching out to every one of those individuals as well as those the province. you may not think you have an employee who lives in san bruno, but he made. we have departments assigned here, so you will be getting a call from us. mayor newsom: animal welfare and patrol? you guys were sent out, and you have been helpful. thank you.
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if you could just let us know a little bit about what you have done. >> our apartment was on standby as early as 8:00 last night. we reached out to our counterparts in san mateo county, the peninsula humane society, and offered our assistance. this morning around 10:00, we got a request for help, and we sent two units with animal control officers to canvass the area in san bruno 4 lose rolling heads and/or assist in any way that we could. our officers are still in the field dealing with that right now. mayor newsom: anything from a medical examiner perspective? you avail yourself to your colleagues down there. >> [inaudible] resources that we could put on standby in case there were more fatalities than the san mateo coroner's office could handle.
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we put one investigator and one van on standby. we have been in contact with the san mateo county coroner's office. this time, they have not need the assistance from us, but we remain on standby as they continue to search the neighborhood's four additional fatalities. mayor newsom: ok, the key -- vicki? do you want to follow-up with anything that was on our list to communicate that we have not? >> i think you hit everything. you did a good job. mayor newsom: i want to now open up to others that have questions or thoughts or anything they want to share. i want to be sensitive to mark and 10 -- ken. i appreciate you both being here and avail yourself. to the extent you have questions for them that are for. under the circumstances, i think they would indulge us with some
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response, but again, sensitive to your time. anyone? other departments? ok. steve, anything more you want to add or underscore? >> no, sir, just that ed lee and chief white may contact you. once again, without hesitation, provide them any resources and help and information they need immediately. mayor newsom: all of you again, thank you. i think a lot of the work you have done in private is made public in the context of the mutual aid and the exercises, both tabletop and field exercises. it said ways to tomorrow, the
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ninth anniversary of 9/11, and the commemoration and renewed effort that we all engage in as a region with our respective partners, public and private carters, faith based leaders, and the like to be prepared to be vigilant and more important than anything to communicate, and one of the most telling parts of the mutual aid was that it was done with an efficient protocol where the worst thing that could happen in a region as dense as the bay area is you have eight different counties come in, and they are out there of on the fire line, in the fields doing their work without that coordination, and what i thought work quite well, and again, we will do post-analysis. there is always tweaks, always areas of improvement -- i'm not naive to that -- but based on everything we know and the protocols that have been communicated today that were established is there was
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coordination. there was a central depository in terms of that connective tissue was all the regional agencies. there was a for free at staging at the shopping center and then deployment of resources as needed in an appropriate manner, and i think now, as we step back from the acute challenge to now their recovery challenge and mutual support and aid, that will serve us well, and i want to underscore that we will make ourselves available, every department, every member of our city team bureaucracy. our hearts go out to families and the gym is overwhelmed, but i told him to let the mayor know and the city manager's no that we are here to be supportive, and we will do everything in our power to encourage that. i want to encourage everyone we know to give back, to do so through the red cross or other agencies, and obviously, we have this great protocol that generated a lot of resources for shady -- haiti and for what
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occurred in the gulf, katrina. we make that available for all city employees and ask that to the extent that they are willing, that they make themselves available to help those that are in need. under the circumstances, again, i just want to tip my hat to all of your around this room, and thank you to pg&e. the big take away here is now we need to know our assets. we need to know about our infrastructure, and we need to work collaborative live together so that this never occurs anywhere else ever again. -- we need to work collaboratively so that this never happens again. i appreciate both of you willing to be here under this circumstance. >> [inaudible] mayor newsom:: thank you. 9/11 commemoration tomorrow.
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she's, you are doing a number of things. perhaps you could just let folks know. >> certainly. tomorrow is the day that none of us will forget and none of us should forget. at every fire station in the city, we have 43, including our station on treasure island. all of our members and the public are certainly welcome to for dissipate and observe a moment of silence and a special ceremony for those that lost their lives, whether it be at the pentagon in and sylvania or at the world trade center, and we will be reading of, as we have every year since 9/11, the names of the firefighters that paid the ultimate price and gave the ultimate sacrifice at the world trade center. all of our stations will be getting under way with the ceremony, and it will last probably 35 minutes or so. i believe there is a national
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order to have all the flags at half staff as well. >> i need to call for some public comment. is there any public comment at this time on this particular item? seeing none, i want to move on. basically, i would like to recommend, and i am planning on rescheduling item four, the summary of the after action reports, and item five, project cornerstone wireless broadband public safety initiatives until our next disaster council meeting. date and location to be announced. at that moment, at this time, i need to open it up to general public comment. seeing none, we are going to go ahead and i churn. thank you all very much for coming and for your patience today. -- seeing none, we are going to go ahead and add churn. thank you all for coming today
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and for your patience today. >> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling
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oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor
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oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free. you just need to have the location open. you are set to go. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to a gorgeous day on
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treasure island. in the redevelopment director of the treasure island authority. would you please rise for the singing of the national anthem? >> ♪ o, say, can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air
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dates proof through the night -- gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o, say, does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [applause] >> it is a tremendous honor to be here today on treasure island
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with the honorable speaker of the united states, house of representatives, nancy pelosi. [applause] the honorable secretary of the navy, ray davis. [applause] and the honorable mayor of the city and county of san francisco, gavin newsom. [applause] today we stand on the brink of the future of this island by commemorating the historic agreement with the transfer of the formal the -- naval station from a united states navy to the city and county of san francisco. i know i speak for many people who have worked extremely hard to make this day a reality, people on all sides of the table, across organizations, when i say that it is truly an honor and a proud moment. i would like to take a moment to
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acknowledge our many partners and supporters who are here today. please forgive me if i do not mention everyone. there are too many of you to name individually, but i would like to recognize, and if you would please stand, former mayor willie brown, current and past members of the treasure island development authority board of directors. our treasure island citizens advisory board, and the treasure island homeless development initiative, one of our great partners, and of course, our private sector partners, the treasure island community development. and to the many folks in the
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audience, the many members of the city family and regional partners who we work with on a daily basis, and now, it is my great pleasure to introduce the mayor of the city and county of san francisco, the honorable gavin newsom. [applause] mayor newsom: thank you all for being here. i could not hear a word that jack just said because i'm sitting next to the flag, but obviously, it shows who is expandable up here, the person sitting on this side of the stage, but let me welcome speaker of the house nancy pelosi and secretary mavis and all the people that helped make this day possible. welcome and thank you for your leadership and your stewardship, to mayor willie brown and all of his hard work. his then staffer, now my staffer, who worked so diligently through two administrations to get us
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through this day. i thank you. to the development team. to the residents of this island that have been patient beyond imagination. with the hope and expectation we would get to this point. to all those that are looking forward to the ground breaking to be hosted some time next year. it is pretty remarkable -- this is a small city, and about 10% of our land happens to be on three principal areas. all three of them former naval bases. out there in hunters point. the army out on presidio, and here on treasure island. 25-plus-hundred acres in the '70s -- the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's. since then, we have been talking about revitalization. we have been talking about
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reconstituting these pieces of property. just two weeks ago i had the pleasure and privilege of signing 12 pieces of legislation, marking over the course of over two decades over the course of hunters point. creating a framework on an economic development framework for 10,500 new housing units, 32% of them below market. hundreds of thousands of square feet of new retail space. yes, a new stadium for somebody someday as well as revitalizing the county, which is long overdue. this was an extraordinary moment, and here we are just a couple weeks later celebrating another extraordinary and historic moment. we have been talking about this since 1993, informal process that began this.
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the formal negotiations in 1994. the navy ceased operations formally here in about 1997. we are standing, remarkably, on awpa project -- on a wpa project were folks started taking land and rocks and putting this project out here. then, it was supposed to be converted. you can only imagine, as an airport. luckily, there was some wisdom, and that vision did not take shape, but for over half a century, the navy has been out here doing administrative work and training work, and we have been figuring out what exactly to do in the last decade and a half. we could not do it alone. we needed to work with the navy. we needed the process of an agreement. we needed a private partner, and we worked to gain that support, but it was not easy because this is a different era, appropriately, where you cannot just take a dollar bill out of
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your left pocket and handed to the secretary of the navy and say, open a " thank you for the property" and walk away and start to develop it. we needed to create a different framework with a participation agreement. what we're celebrating here is a long negotiation where we developed a strong partnership with the navy and the private developers, where if we do well in the city, if the developer does well, then the navy does well. our federal taxpayers do well. we have a participation agreement that in many ways we think will become a model for other similar agreements across the country. it was not easy to put together, but we are here today to celebrate that agreement. we are here today to celebrate a two-page term sheet that the secretary, myself, the speaker, and others agreed to in december of last year that now is about and 80-page legal document, and financial framework for the future of this site, and we are here to celebrate that we're
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just months away from some time next year developing literally thousands of jobs. 30% of the units below market. another 300 acres of open space. the wetlands. a new ferry terminal source, smaller version. a new waterfront. the most aggressive environmental policy organized around sustainable development that will allow this to be arguably the most environmentally friendly in field development in american history. it is an extraordinary vision and extraordinary project that will also ultimately include wind generation, surprisingly, and some state of the our efforts, and we hope eventually, that waves power project we have here off the coast will also play a key role in terms of the cogeneration and generation of renewals that will mark and distinguish this great read of elements. that is why i'm here -- to give
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thanks and gratitude for all the work hard to get us here. i want to thank those just once again, the secretary, for his willingness to think differently and look differently at this project. this project was dead many many times, but it was because of his willingness to look at this in a new light and consider things that previous secretaries of the navy had not considered because of the great work of his staff and both the department of defense and because, more importantly, of the incredible commitment, not just passing interest, speaker ned to pelosi, who started this thing through three presidential administrations, secretaries of navy, mayors like me that come and go, members of the board of supervisors, treasure island development authority that stuck it out for all this time. to nancy pelosi, thank you yet
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again. what a remarkable effort. you deserve an enormous amount of credit. we thank you. we are proud of you. this is a big deal. on top of that, hunters point, which was a big deal. trans a terminal, doyle drive, the bay bridge. this is just getting things done. it is my honor now to ask up to the podium a fan of major-league baseball, who took the time to come out here a day on early and visit with the giants. they did not have the kind of day we were hoping on sunday, but someone who is very familiar with san francisco that has opened up his heart, of sorts, and his mind and his team to this effort, and someone that i can, we simply want to be here without -- we simply would not be here without his resolve to get us here.
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[applause] >> what a great day, and what a great introduction. i'm coming back, and next time, lister is going to win. [applause] i'm so happy to be here today with this group of people up here and out here. the culmination of almost two decades of very hard work has come to pass today as the navy officially transfers treasure island to the city and the people of san francisco. we owe an absolute heartfelt thanks to the people who have